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Donor Funded Projects

Donor funded project assistance is mainly provided to the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, International Finance Corporation and the United States Agency of International Development.

Ares of work include;
  • Supply-side efficiency improvements
  • Energy efficiency and Demand-side management
  • Energy management policy & institutional framework development
  • End-use efficiency
  • ESCO activity development
  • Loss reduction
  • Load research/surveys of the power sector
  • Renewable energy development
  • Rural energy development
  • Training and capacity building of utilities
Key projects involved
  • Vietnam DSM/EE program – World Bank funded project
  • Vocational training center, Ahangama – USAID funded LEED project
  • Vocational training center, Samanthurai – USAID funded LEED project
  • DSM institutional structure for Yemen – World Bank funded project
  • Nepal DSM program – A World Bank project
  • South Asia Regional Initiative (SARI/E) – USAID funded project
  • DSM in municipal street lighting – ADB funded project
  • Implementation of energy efficient policy initiatives – ADB funded project
  • Baseline and post-installation surveys – ADB funded initiatives
  • Colombo green growth program – World Bank funded project