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Energy & Water Audits

EnergySolve is a Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA) accredited Energy Service Company, offering wide range of energy & water auditing services. During an audit, EnergySolve will identify energy & water consuming systems and potential for reduction of energy & water waste and recommend ways to overcome deficiencies.

Key tasks of an Energy Audit
  • Collect facility data using audit questioner-Click here to Download
  • Study systems and identify deficiencies
  • Perform energy & water audits
  • Dissemination of Audit findings
  • Audit Presentation
  • Submission of detailed audit report

Following systems will be studied in detail during an audit
  • Electrical Distribution System
  • Demand management/Utility Tariff Options
  • Mechanical Ventilation & Air Conditioning System
  • Lighting System & Controls
  • Boiler & steam Distribution System
  • Compressed air System
  • Motors, pumps & fans
  • On-site Renewable Energy Options
  • Major production loads
  • Building Envelope and indoor air quality
  • Water fixtures
  • Rainwater harvesting options
  • Energy & water monitoring system
  • GHG Emissions and Water Footprint analysis
A typical report will consist of;
  • Present status of the facility
  • Possible energy & water saving measures
  • Reduction targets
  • Project Implementation plan
  • Financial Analysis
  • Recommendation